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2009 the year of animation!!

2009-04-21 18:09:11 by NoNameGirl

Here's my first 2009 animation.

Sorry if you were expecting something else cause of the title. :D

A Treason in Valentine's Day

2009-02-14 12:39:07 by NoNameGirl

Happy Valentine's Day! <3
I hope that your boy/girlfriend doesn't betray you today. :-P

Here is my special movie for this day...


2008-10-30 18:57:56 by NoNameGirl


I won the Clock Day...

2008-08-22 09:23:41 by NoNameGirl

... 47th place!!!

Watch the real winners

Congratulations to all!!! :)

I won the Clock Day...

Hey! ClockDay!

2008-08-15 14:02:29 by NoNameGirl

Finally... August, 15th!!!

It's the first time that I participate in the Clock Day. Here it is: ClockDay - "The Treason"

Here are some of my favourites:

ComiX: Clock Day Special! (Short and fun!)
Strawberry 2095
I Will Follow You...
NEXT - Trailer 2008 (I love the 3D B)
Happy Clock Day! Musicvid
[CC] Clocktopia Park (It's a well done loop)

[B] Happy ClockDay 2008 [B]